Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A random thought..

As I prepared my dog's food (1/2 can wet food + 1/2 cup dry food + 1 tblspoon of olive oil for his dry skin) I wondered why animals, or particularly dogs, don't object to eating the same food day after day. I mean, if I were to eat the same thing everyday, I think I would eventually throw up. But my dog gobbles up his food like he's starving. Maybe it's because he hasn't tasted the range of good food. Not really, because I feed him dinner scraps and delicious barbecue sometimes. Maybe he has less developed taste buds? Nope; since dog's noses are so powerful, their taste would be too..ahhh one of the many unanswered questions in my head.

I need to go to sleep earlier. Today I woke up at 3:00 pm. Gross.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Darn Youtube! (and the Internet in general)

As I sit down to spend some daily bonding time with my computer, I have to wonder, about how much time do I waste on the Internet? Probably some amount of hours that I don't want to think about.

Daily Internet Schedule:

Log onto Yahoo! and check e-mail. (5 minutes)
Log onto AOL and delete junk e-mail, (2 minutes) some from Facebook--> so I must check that too
Facebook (5 minutes looking through my own notifications...then recently added pictures (another 30 minutes)...random people's facebooks..( is she doing? 20 minutes..)>my daily dose of celebrity news..(15 minutes) Although I don't condone paparazzi and stalking in general, it does serve its purpose to entertain.
perezhilton-->my daily dose of dirty, highly opinionated celebrity news (a.k.a. sketches of penises)..meh..about 20 minutes..he does update often
mugglenet..for about 5 minutes of hope far totals to about 100 minutes more or less. and this is where I meet my demise.
two websites that are far too addicting: of course, the famed and

Visit my youtube and look at not only my subscriptions, but other "related" videos...(endless amount of time)
And of course, collegeconfidential. It's a complete waste of time, other than if you have a specific question to ask..but those "chance me! chance me!" threads are just too good to pass up. Also those early decision results.. for example:

This is a real post on; this person was accepted early to UPenn:

SAT Verbal: 590
* SAT Math: 600
* SAT Writing: 650
* SAT Total: 1250/1800? My math is no so good
* SAT II: Spanish: 800 Chinese: 800 Math 2: 430
* AP/IB taken/scores: Psychology, 2
* GPA weighted: 2.7
* GPA unweighted: 2.5
* Rank or % estimate: 3/4

At first you're like "hmm..scores look kind of poopy.." and then you read on..

State or Country: Somalia
* School Type: private, only most royal familes send children to learn
* Ethnicity: Somalian
* Gender: Male
* Legacy Yes/No: no
* Recruited Yes/No: track and field
* Important ECs: help family with farm chores

Other Factors:

General Comments/Congratulations/etc: I am so happy to be going to AMerica where people can be who they want to. My family is so sad to be losing their top son. I hope to run and run and run at university! Go QUAKERS!

I don't know whether to burst out in laughter or in tears.

Mainly due to the fact that this person may be a fake (don't get me wrong..*cough). But if it's just wow. It seems like one of the those inspirational "Homeless to Harvard" type movies all played out in real life, eh? It's so innocent. BUT it could be a fake. So I can't allow my emotions wasted over something fake. The Internet is making me more cynical I swear. I don't believe the goodness and innocence in people anymore! *shudders

SO..i think i should go to sleep.

You may have noticed that I posted this at around 3:34 AM. and it is indeed 3:34 AM. I just like to stay up and hope for inspirational essay ideas from my absent muse. -______-

Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee..Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hello world!

Hello everyone!
This is my first blog post. Welcome to the manic mind of Mary!

My mind is indeed manic today. I am tired beyond comprehension. It feels like a tiny little man is hammering at the back of my eyeballs and head. Ahh well.

This blog will be a cheerful blog! I don't want to go on and on about what a drag college apps are, and "omg we're seniors now" type sentimental blogs, because those two topics are very overdone.

So I (my mom) put up our Christmas tree in our living room. We were too lazy to actually decorate it with ornaments and trinkets, etc, so we just stuck lights in and decorated with Christmas cards. We literally stuck Christmas cards all around the tree. I was surprised to find that they actually are nice ornaments. When you're near the tree you can pick out cards and read them whilst reminiscing.

Speaking of Christmas, my house has about five different Christmas snow globes out and about. I have a bone to pick with snow globes. What is their purpose? They do absolutely nothing. They are not even cute. You shake it, wee, white stuff floats around, white stuff settles down, and you shake it again. Why should this be entertaining at all? Unless you happen to be an infant. Then it's loads of fun.
I don't understand. I just don't understand.

Also on a random note, does anyone use the word "whilst"? Or is it just me? The other day I had the word whilst written in my homework and Erica lovingly exclaimed, "WHY do you use words like 'whilst'?? Are YOU Shakespeare?? What's WRONG with you?," whilst sporting bulging eyeballs that were protruding with either irritation or admiration. I like to think the latter.

So it is currently...12:25 AM. I really should be studying for my math test tomorrow.

I should also really have a catchphrase to end posts with. I'll experiment for now.