Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decisions, decisions

So May 1st is arriving swiftly, and I must constantly remind myself that it will inevitably arrive.

Getting over May 1st will be a huge milestone for my indecisive little head.

I really should have visited during spring break, but of course, laziness triumphs, and the thoughts of leaving my warm cozy bed and pack, then go on an airplane (god forbid), then experiencing some cold that my Southern California mind is incapable of comprehending, and then the inevitable hours of waiting for a delayed flight were just too much for my unraveled brain to handle.

Which leaves me an amusing thought of what it will be like come mid-August.

So what have I done this spring break? Or the better question: What should I have done?

Answer: I should have started studying for AP Bio.

Reality: I have done absolutely nothing constructive: sleeping in everyday until 12 pm, and upon waking up I eat lunch, then proceed to watch TV and play tetris on the computer until 1 am.

Current Favorite TV Shows: Oprah, Jon and Kate + 8, The Office, Animal Cops, Animal Precinct, Dinner: Impossible, Ace of Cakes, Unwrapped, Chelsea Lately, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I am such a homebody.

By the way...

This amuses me greatly.

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